@carsonebycarsone showing how to properly Hang Tail… Yes, that is the fin.

@carsonebycarsone Casual

The Purchase heading to New York City

Babies dig us @sandie_tokyo

Our boy @michaelmiguelmitchellmichelle ripping on his 5’9” Thumbnugget

A diamond tail Easy Rider in acid green tint

Jack of all trades @kookapinto on the Point5

The Flow… A single fin concept by Canvas Surfboards

@kookapinto …always casual

The Purchase in Bohemian Tint

@christianwach on the Hot Tub in Eastern Canada captured by @yassineouhilal

The 512 MNR in steel green

@kameronbrown In the Original 2mm Front Zip Jacket available this summer through our new website dropping in the next week!

The 612 in milky seafoam tint

The boys ride the 4 4 Pintail by Canvas Surfboards